Active 10 Pain Relief and Healing Cream

About Active Formulations

Active Formulations Inc. was founded in 2012. We provide our customers with top quality products and one-on-one attention. Our manufacturers are FDA registered and are GMP and SOP certified. These qualities have gained us the trust of our loyal customers who have been with us for many years. These include the Dallas Cowboys, Cirque du Soleil Performers, Capella Health Care, University of Louisville Training Room, and the President of the American Chiropractic Association.  We take full pride in our products and use them ourselves on a regular basis. We are available to answer any of your questions.

“Active 10 in a very interesting product for me to use as a professional baseball player.  It helped with the pain and with the inflammation in my throwing arm. I will be urging our trainer to keep a healthy supply of Active 10 in the training room.” 

Frazier HallĀ  Professional Baseball Player - MLB

“As a Sports Medicine Physician I have always been skeptical about analgesic claims of ointments, but having used Active 10 on myself and on my patients I was pleasantly surprised by its efficiency.  I would recommend it to anyone that has localized pain.”

Dr. Andrew Ness, MD

“Active 10 really works! After 9 years in the NFL I rely on this stuff to keep my body going!”

Jimmy Wilkerson, ex-NFL player

“I must say it is the best cream I've ever used. My arm had been really sore for the last few months and I used the cream on it. After a few days of using the cream my arm felt a lot better.”

Mark Serrano, Arizona Diamondbacks

Hear from Dr. Carter of Orem, UT regarding Active 10 Clinical Trials