About Active Formulations

Active Formulations Inc. was founded in 2012. We provide our customers with top quality products and one-on-one attention. Our manufacturers are FDA registered and are GMP and SOP certified. These qualities have gained us the trust of our loyal customers who have been with us for many years. These include the Dallas Cowboys, Cirque du Soleil Performers, Capella Health Care, University of Louisville Training Room, and the President of the American Chiropractic Association.  We take full pride in our products and use them ourselves on a regular basis. We are available to answer any of your questions.

High Quality Ingredients

Take all your aches and pains away with our Active 10 ointments and creams! We only choose the best high quality ingredients because we care about our customers (you!).

Hear from Dr. Carter of Orem, UT regarding Active 10 Clinical Trials

Clinically proven and tested to deliver maximum results.

Natural Ingredients

We only add in the purest natural ingredients for a safe customer experience. 

Say Goodbye to Your Achy Joints

1: Clinically Proven Pain Relief! VIEW RESULTS HERE

2:100% Unconditionally Guaranteed.  Used in NFL and NCAA Division I training rooms!

3: Chiropractors, physical therapists, massage therapists, and athletic trainers use Active 10 to provide immediate relief from many common conditions such as arthritis and other causes of muscle and joint pain.

4: Active 10 applies easily and penetrates quickly to relieve aches and pains related to sore muscles and joints, sprains, and bruises. 

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Why we do, what we do. We're here with one goal in mind, to keep you pain free so you have more time to do what you love with those you love

Active 10 Plus

Our all-new, fast acting pain relief ointment

Incredible Ingredients

Each purposeful. Together powerful.

Why We Do What We Do

Active 10 really works! After 9 years in the NFL I rely on this stuff to keep my body going!

This is the only product on that market that relieves muscle cramping that wakes you up from a dead sleep. Better than
Biofreeze. I am at the point where I apply this to overworked muscles BEFORE I go to sleep to PREVENT muscle cramps from waking me up.

As a Sports Medicine Physician I have always been skeptical about analgesic claims of ointments, but having used Active 10 on myself and on my patients I was pleasantly surprised by its efficiency.  I would recommend it to anyone that has localized pain.

HEMP & Turmeric Vitamin E

Introducting one of our most POPULAR products

Hemp Oil Powder With Turmeric Curcumin with & Bioperine  - with 95% Curcuminoids & Black Pepper - 30 Capsules
  • Safe and Tested

    Clinically tested and approved

  • Customer Care

    Made with love and care because we're in business for you

  • Fast Acting Relief

    Feel your ahces and pains go away immediately!

  • Natural Ingredients

    Our ingredients are naturally sourced so we can deliver only the purest products

  • Natural Ingredients

    Naturally sourced ingredients are perfect for all your long-term and localized pain needs

  • Why choose?

    Our Active 10 brand is clinically proven and offers fast acting, long-term relief

  • Rub Away Your Localized Pain

    Non-greasy ointments for fast absorbing relief

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Don't just take our word for it, hear from our customers!